First Trimester

My first trimester farming was exhausting.

All I had heard about from friends and seen in movies and on tv was morning sickness. You know, so and so gets sick and someone asks her when her last period was and she gets this crazy realization that she's pregnant, and then she has the baby; no one ever talked about fatigue. I'm grateful my first trimester wasn't during peak season because I was so tired. I would be harvesting and - boom! - it would hit me. That, I need to go lay down now because I’m about to pass out feeling. I would spend anywhere from half an hour to a few hours some days sleeping in my car or somewhere on the farm (we don’t live on the farm, and I didnt think Id make it home).


Aside from the fatigue, it was pretty smooth sailing. My sense of smell increased exponentially - I could not bare to smell the compost - and it felt like a super power. I was turned off of certain foods, other normal things.

Since we were already in the harvest portion of the season, I looked at our harvest list and decided what could be harvested a day before our official harvest day, and would try to tackle it in bits and pieces instead of all at once because that worked better for me. 

What I learned from this period:

  • Don't fight the need to nap, give in. I was so much more efficient when I was well rested than I was when I was working through the fatigue.
  • If you have the ability, change your tasks to fit what you're currently capable of completing. Don't try to do too much.
  • Also, it helps to have a partner in business and in life who understands - I would get down on myself and my productivity or lack of productivity and Matthew was the one telling me that it was fine, reminding me that I was pregnant and that I was being productive - I was growing a human. 
  • Have a sense of humor, it makes everything easier.