The Farmers 



We are both first generation farmers, learning purely through books and experience. We believe that everyone is just a few generations removed from a farmer in their family; and while farming is both simple and complicated, the connection with the soil and the seasons is something that is innate. 

We wear many hats. We are the owners, managers, farm laborers, green house workers, marketers, delivery drivers, builders, book keepers, irrigation specialists, mechanics, photographers, public relations managers, and more.


Helena is the brains behind the operation, she is in charge of the planning and seed orders, as well as greenhouse operations, and planting. She is often the one behind the camera, which lends itself to her also being our social media and website guru. Helena loves working hard and being outside, and has slowly embraced the farmers tan.


Matthew is the heart of the farm. He handles our emails, chef and restaurant relations, soil nutrition, irrigation, farm projects, deliveries and market sales. He spends hours in the fields weeding and harvesting, loves getting his hands dirty and often works past sundown. Matthew is an incredibly hard worker, and always has a positive attitude - which comes in real handy in the farming profession.



August Wolf

The newest addition to our crew arrived March 2018. He currently oversees all rock and soil inspections (using the latest trend - taste testing), instructs market set up and restaurant deliveries and is quickly becoming rouxs best friend (food + gravity). While we’re lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents watch him every weekend - you can occasionally catch him at the farmers markets...taste testing to ensure the quality of our produce.


we adopted roux girl at the end of the 2016 season, she was able to spend some time learning from our old timer farm dog Vinny before he passed (R.I.P. vin). she enjoys digging holes with her dog uncle moe, finding sunny spots to nap in and chasing and catching birds and field mice.