“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” - Thomas Jefferson 


We first became interested in food through watching food documentaries and becoming more conscious about what we were eating. This consciousness grew into weekly trips to the farmers market and a small balcony garden, and soon evolved into us volunteering on farms and eventually working for farmers. This journey came to a head when we began searching for land. We are both from Oakland and have strong ties to our community, and we were hoping to find farm land in the surrounding area. 

As fate would have it we found the lovely town of Sunol, a place we now call home, tucked in a corner of Alameda County. We hit the ground running on 1 acre and haven't stopped since. We are currently farming 2.5 acres in our fourth season and having blast. We run a small CSA, sell at farmers markets and to local restaurants. 



We prefer to be plant positive rather than pest negative.

We are committed to good soil health and sustainable practices. We're working towards lower impact farming, and efficient small acreage production.

We are friends of the bees, frogs, toads, lady bugs and other farm creatures and plant hedge rows and pollinator rows to keep them happy. 

We strive to give plants the best possible growing environment so they can thrive and we can provide you with delicious produce. We are certified organic by CCOF

We are fortunate to have the backing of several organizations such as The Kitchen Table Advisors, FarmLink, the ACRCD, The SFPUC, Carhartt and Tend Ag.